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Welcome to the Lewis & Clark Expedition Web Site!
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Has anyone ever come up to you and asked you who Lewis & Clark was and you didn't know? Most likely not. No one may never come up to you and ask. But, just in case, it's good to know. That's why I made this web site! I will tell you about Lewis & Clark, Sacagawea, and the others. I will also tell you about what they did and why their important. 

Dates to Remember
May 14, 2004- 200 Year Anniversary
Sept. 1, 2004- 166th Anniversary of William Clark's death
Aug. 18, 2004- Meriwether Lewis's 230th Birthday
Mar. 6, 2004- Take girlfriend to dinner & a movie

Nature Collage


On May 14th, 1804, Lewis, Clark, and others sailed out of St. Louis, MO to embark on a journey like none other. They were to find an all-water passage from one side of the contigious United States to the other. Although they failed in finding that all-water passage, they were the first people to see the Pacific Ocean. They came back to St. Louis as heroes. They found nearly 1,000 new plants & animals on the journey. During the journey, only one person died. Sgt. Charles Floyd died near what is now Sioux City.

Happy Birthday to the Lewis & Clark Expedition!