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William Clark

The biography of a natural-born leader.

William Clark was born in 1770 in Caroline County, Virginia. He had litte formal schooling, but he learned such needed skills such as hunting, riding, surveying, and managing an estate. In 1784, The Clarks moved to Mulberry Hill, Kentucky.  On the Kentucky frontier, Clark matured rapidly. Clark seemed more of a frontiersman than a Virginia planter, with a bluff, direct manner of speech and a love for the hills and woods of his new home.

His Adult Life

In 1791, Clark transferred to the regular army and advanced to the rank of lieutenant. During this time, he learned more about the outdoors and learned more respect for the Indians. One day in 1803, Clark recieved a letter from Meriwether Lewis inviting him to become co-leader for the Corps of Discovery. Clark sold Mulberry Hill which he inherited, to his oldest brother Jonathan. Then he set off to explore the Louisiana Territory.
On September 1st, 1808, clark died at the age of 69 at the home of his son. His funeral, which was held in St. Louis, the funeral stretched ov er a mile in St. Louis. He was buried with masonic and military honors outside the city.