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Dates To Remember

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This is all of the important things that have happened during the 116 years of existence.

September 9th, 1891- Sylvain Dornon walks up to the first level of the tower on stilts.
November 5th, 1898- Ducretet and Roger stand on top of the tower and provide the first radio transmission on the tower.
October 19th, 1900- M. Santos DuMont wins a 100,000 franc prize by flying around the Eiffel Tower in under 30 minutes.
1903- Gustave Eiffel sets up a laboratory of aerodynamics on the second floor.
November 26th, 1905- Forestier wins the first ever Stair Climbing Championship by making it up to the second floor in 3:12.
1907- The Eiffel Tower's fist clock is installed on the second floor.
1908- The first strategic enemy messages are intercepted.
May 23rd, 1910- The first signal transmission service can be heard from 5200 km away.
February 4th, 1912- At 8;30 AM, Franz Reichfelt tries to flyof of the 1st floor of the tower with a "parachute garment". He fails.
1916-1918- The Eiffel Tower was closed due to World War I.
1921- The first live radio show is broadcasted from the tower.
February 6th, 1922- The first regular "spoken" radio broadcast began transmission.
June 22nd,1923- Pierre Labric wins a bet by going down the stairs of the tower on a bike. He is arrested as soon as he gets to the bottom.
1925- Eduoard Belin performs the first television experiment on the tower.
May 1933- Andre Citoen placed a standard clock on the tower for the first time.
February 24th, 1934- A 160 meter tall thermometer, the tallest in the world, is placed on the tower.
November 17th, 1935- The first 60 line broadcast is televised from the tower. 
1936- The first television antenna is placed on top of the tower.
1937- The largest chandelier in the world is placed directly under the first floor of the tower.
1941-May 1946- The Eiffel Tower is closed because of World War II.

June 4th, 1948- The oldest elephant in the world makes it to the 1st level of the Eiffel Tower.
April 1952- The first ever Eiffel Tower television show is broadcasted.
1956- The top of the tower and the 4th level are burned out.
1957- The new top of the tower raises the height by 25 m.
1958- The "Season Of Paris" celebrations welcome brand new lighting for the tower.
June 1959- The 35,000,000th visitor is 10 years old and is given a new car. Neither of his parents have a license.
September 25th, 1962- Darryl Zanuck presents the film, "The Longest Day", setting in Paris.
July 11th, 1963- French television records a ballet on the 4th floor entitled, "Heart Of Paris".
1964- 2 men climb the Eiffel Tower to mark the 75th birthday of the making of the tower.
1965- The first electric elevator is placed inside the tower. It is capable of transporting 110 passengers.
December 2nd, 1969- A skating rink is placed on the first level of the tower.
October 25th, 1972- 6 shepherds bring 60 sheep to the Champ-de-Mars garden to protest a military installation.
1974- The Eiffel Tower welcomes over 3,000,000 visitors in one year for the first time.
October 17, 1977- Arnold Palmer performs a drive off of the 2nd level of the tower.
January 1st, 1981- The single most important set of renovations is made to the tower. 1000 tons is taken off. Staircases and elevators are renovated. Security measures are updated, and new mangement is placed.
September 23rd, 1982- The mayor of Paris inagurates the new facilities of the tower.
December 1st, 1983- The spiral staircase connecting the 2nd floor to the top of the tower is put up in an international auction. 
1987- AJ Hackett bunjee jumps from the 2nd floor of the tower.He is later arrested.
1989- The first service elevator is installed.

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